Corporate Philosophy

We aim to be a company that makes ongoing contributions to society as a Specialty Trading Company with the themes of Health, Comfort, and Environmental Consideration, based on our corporate philosophy of "Pursuing Health and Enrichment".

<Action Guidelines>

To realize our corporate vision, we will conduct our business in accordance with the following guidelines:
1. Compliance
In the operation of our business, we are committed to the conduct of fair corporate activities that conform to corporate ethics, complying with laws and regulations, social norms and company regulations to fulfill our social responsibilities as a company that is needed by society.
2. Economic Principles
Profitability is essential to the fulfillment of the above responsibilities and we must achieve high profitability to establish a healthy and firm financial structure.
In our investments, however, in addition to their economic feasibility, we will also place importance on their social and environmental impacts. Moreover, we will not pursue profit that runs counter to these guidelines.

3. Responsibility
In the operation of our business, we will remain constantly aware of the following responsibilities:
A. Responsibility to our customers ______ We will develop and provide products and services that offer value in terms of price, quality, and safety.
B. Responsibility to our employees ______ We will respect our employees’ character, human rights, and personal identity, and promote safe working environments for them to work in.
C. Responsibility toward society ________ As a responsible member of society, we will comply with laws and regulations and give full consideration to health, safety, and the environment.

4. Political Activity
We will not make monetary donations to any political party or political or religious organization and their representative. Neither will we participate in any activities of such parties or organizations.
5. Health, Comfort, Environment, and Safety
In our aim to achieve sustainable development, we will commit to continuous and systematic action in the areas of health, comfort, environment and safety.
6. Social relations
As a responsible member of society, we will actively engage in social relations.
7. Competition
We will comply with rules and regulations and conduct free and fair competition.
8. Information Disclosure
We recognize the social necessity of corporate information disclosure and we will disclose our information in a timely and appropriate manner.

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