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We import down from various countries including Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Iceland, Taiwan, and China. We call on local producers directly, negotiate purchases, and import only raw down that has been selected after stringent evaluation.
For Polish down, in a tie-up with the government body, National Research Institute of Animal Production, we handle mainly White Koluda R goose down, which has been developed by Poland. This raw material is strictly controlled in terms of the number of days the geese are kept and the production of the down, so it can be used with peace of mind. The down quality is stable and very dense, making it a recommended filler for futon quilts and down jackets.
We have also joined forces with a major Japanese textile manufacturer to develop Deo-Power Down, which has deodorizing, antibacterial, and odor-resistant properties. This down is produced by binding an artificial enzyme, phthalocyanine, to the down to suppress the breeding of bacteria, thus curbing the generation of odors.
Suppressing the odor peculiar to down produces a down that is more pleasant to use.
Down is an ecological by-product obtained from water birds.
Environmentally friendly, warm, and light, it could be described as the ultimate textile.
It also has excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties, so it can be used in comfort, without getting damp.

Raw down


It is said that there are some 1.1 billion sheep of about 3,000 species being farmed around the world.
The leading suppliers of wool to the world are Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, and South Africa.
Wool has excellent moisture absorbency, flexibility, and flame resistance, and is an environmentally-friendly textile.
Kaneyo procures quality raw wool from the world’s production regions. In particular, we are focusing our efforts on the provision of functional wool materials, such as washable (pre-shrunk) and carbonized*1 wool.
Our wool is predominantly used as a filler for futon mattresses and quilts, but we are also placing efforts into the supply of wool for apparel applications.

Kaneyo is an associate member of the Best Wool Club.

*1: Carbonization is a process that removes grass and other vegetable matter from raw wool.
Woolen futon mattress


Kaneyo handles materials from Bactrian camels that inhabit Mongolia.
Because camels live in harsh natural environment with temperature differences of 40°C, camel hair has excellent insulation and moisture absorption properties, and is light and soft.
It is a high-grade material on a par with the more well-known cashmere and alpaca.
It is mainly used for futons, blankets, and warm apparel, which are sold in famous department stores and other upmarket retailers.
Camel blanket

Synthetic fiber materials

We handle polyester materials made by major Japanese synthetic fiber manufacturers.
Also, with the growing interest in environmental issues of recent years, we are also placing efforts into handling recycled materials.
Polyester materials have a wide range of applications. Our main customers for these materials are bedding and nonwoven cloth manufacturers.
There are many types of polyester material used for futon filler. They offer a wide range of characteristics to suit different uses, such as:
* light and bulky
* highly flexible
* soft texture
* treated to be anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and dust mite-resistant

We also aim to accommodate diverse types and quality levels for non-woven cloth applications. One example is the use of these materials for the interior materials of automobiles and noise-absorbing and insulating materials for trains.
Automobile interior material

We supply products that benefit people’s lives, with the themes of Health, Comfort and the Environment, Kaneyo’s specialty fields

Industrial materials

Industrial materials work quietly in the background to help enrich our lives.
These are textile products made with synthetic resins. We can accommodate a diverse range of requirements, from manufacturing applications to uses in agriculture and logistics.
*“Underground installation” label sheeting
“Underground installation” label sheeting is laid between the buried item and the ground surface to prevent power cables, water pipes, gas pipes, telecommunication cables and other underground installations from being damaged or severed.
* Weed prevention sheeting
Weed prevention sheeting prevents the growth of weeds by shutting out sunlight to stop photosynthesis. Use of this sheeting can reduce the cost of weeding.
* Insect nets
Insect nets are used to protect plants and crops from harmful insects. Woven with a very fine mesh, they have excellent light and water transmission and are long-lasting.
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