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We offer high-grade interiors from Japan and overseas.

Carpet, rugs, and interior goods

We meet a wide range of needs for interior goods that offer sophisticated design and quality to suit the times, importing and selling Belgian carpets, Portuguese sofa covers, French cushion covers, and Indian cotton rugs. We also regularly conduct joint development with Japanese carpet manufacturers on the development of carpets and rugs that are treated to be antibacterial, dust mite-resistant, and antiviral.
We sell our products through various channels including major catalogue houses, mass retailers, and specialty stores. We have also started doing business with major on-line shopping and TV shopping companies, a sector that has seen considerable growth in recent years.
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Development and commercialization of hotel equipment and functional bedding

We develop and commercialize hotel equipment and functional bedding.
We have jointly developed functional pillows to match the standard of beds that are found in major hotel chains.
These pillows have received high praise from guests of those hotels.
Functional pillow paper cup

Establishment of Logistics System

We collaborate with Kanematsu Group companies to operate more efficient logistics systems. They include integrated services such as collecting products from factories in China, shipping them in containers, importing them to Japan and transporting them within Japan, and inventory control in China.
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